Join the creative revolution in education!
We bring innovative educational activities to schools and families to spark children’s innate creativity and help them discover their talents and passions.
Our learning paths
Digital Artists

Technology with a purpose

Instead of being mere consumers of technology and apps, our students find in digital technology the perfect channel to enhance their innate creativity. From creating their own comic to printing their 3D design, students discover the amazing potential of digital technologies to create their own art works.

Change Makers

Design Thinking & Social Innovation

Our workshops encourage students to look at challenges from a new perspective, imagine new solutions and try them. From redesigning the school experience to creating their own app, students work in teams to create innovative and meaningful solutions. In an environment of creativity and collaboration, students will become the change they want to see in the world.

Our approach

Our learning experiences are aimed at developing 21st century skills. Above all, we believe in building on each student’s strenghts and we encourage them to discover what they are good at and have fun doing.

Our methodologies are grounded in the fields of the arts, storytelling, design and innovation, which we have carefully adapted to the needs of students of different age groups. They explicitly or implicitly address a number of core skills which we invite students to reflect upon as a result of the creative, collaborative work.

Our learning spaces

We work with schools to help teachers in their mission of introducing creativity in the classroom.

We provide opportunities for students to further develop their creative skills and discover their talents in a fun environment.

We provide training and resources for educators who would like to lead social innovation challenges with their students and give meaning to the use of technology in learning experiences.

We involve families in our creation of fun and meaningful activities for all ages.

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