The Challenge
Creator Street Challenge is one of two initiatives launched by Innova. The Challenge brought together Startups such as The Social Coin & Preparate Banco de Tiempo, Experts, young professionals, recent graduates and students from different disciplines to solve real-world issues through a human-centred, thinking by doing methodology. This year, the challenge was about collaborative networks around social currencies.

The participants were professionals, recent graduates and students from Spain and abroad, with diverse backgrounds such as design (Elisava, IED, Delft,…), business (ESADE, EADA,…), engineering/IT (UPF, LaSalle…) as well as from other disciplines.

Subject: How to raise awareness among social collaborative platforms?

We live in a fast-changing society, we face challenges everyday, and new paradigms are emerging to solve them: different sharing models, social and digital currencies or new ways of learning, collaborating or connecting with people. The digital revolution has allowed and accelerated these changes, and many startups have taken the opportunity. Already offering solutions, these platforms are gaining traction, but, how can they gain critical mass and keep up with evolving needs of people?

In this challenge, participants have explored user needs, generated ideas and came up with prototypes for specific problems of social startups.

We have provided training on a methodology that has matured over the years in innovation projects and challenges of all sorts. Participants have applied them in a “real-world” environment.

We believe that this was a unique opportunity for both start-ups and participants:

  • Social startups have improved their platforms by leveraging on a human centred methodology to solve their users needs.
  • Young professionals, recent graduates and students have taken the opportunity to put into practice their skills and learned new ones. They worked on inspiring social challenges, and shaped concepts on the latest digital trends such as collaborative networks and social currencies.

The challenge has also counted on the support of a number of experts in related topics, such as collaborative networks and social media marketing.

Individually we are a drop. Together, we are an ocean.
Ryunosuke Satoro
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