New skills inside or outside the classroom!
We foster new learning experiences inside or outside the classroom to develop key competencies such as creative confidence, empathy, initiative and collaborative work
Discover the Maker Challenge!

The Maker Challenge is a learning experience of innovation with impact for youngsters from 10 to 30 years of age in different categories, Junior & Pro, in which they solve real-life problems and turn their ideas into reality with digital fabrication technologies (3D printers, Laser Cut, Arduino, Apps and more!). For further information, check out

Our approach

Our learning experiences are aimed at developing 21st century skills. Above all, we believe in building on each student’s strengths and we encourage them to discover their talents and have fun doing.

Our methodologies are grounded in design and innovation (Design Thinking), which we have carefully adapted to the needs of students of different age groups. They explicitly or implicitly address a number of core skills which we invite students to reflect upon as a result of the creative, collaborative work.

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