Meaningful learning experiences
to boost creative confidence

At Creator Street, we work with young people, schools, universities, companies and the wider community to design and implement innovative learning. Our aim is to awaken and develop the creative confidence of every person, and strengthen XXI century skills like empathy, complex problem solving, teamwork, communication or entrepreneurship.

Creator Street is part of Innova Education, an innovation agency dedicated to education innovation (see

Discover some of our programmes
Maker Challenge

The Maker challenge is a unique format where young people solve real-world problems through a combined design thinking and making methodology, leading them from initial empathy with people’s issues through a creative, iterative process and eventually a tangible product or digital solution. For this, they learn how to work in a creative, iterative process and how to turn their ideas into reality with digital fabrication technologies (3D printers, Laser Cut, Arduino, Apps and more!).

The Maker Challenge also is done in collaboration with companies – for more information, see Innova Learning.

Waouh! Festival

The first purely online, European Festival for kids dedicated to animation and comic creation. It involves a creative storytelling process followed by the creative use of technology to bring their creations to live.

The first fully online Festival was organized in April 2020, in French language, with kids aged 7 to 15 from 4 countries.

Take a look at some of the final videos!

Both programmes are open to school participation, alongside with other learning propositions which you can discover here 

Our Approach

Our learning experiences are aimed at developing 21st-century skills. Above all, we believe in building on each student’s strengths, and we encourage them to discover their talents and have fun doing. Our methodologies are grounded in design and innovation (Design Thinking), which we have carefully adapted to the needs of students of different age groups. They explicitly or implicitly address a number of core skills that we invite students to reflect upon as a result of the creative, collaborative work.

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