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Creator Street was founded in 2013 by Innova and is a laboratory of new learning experiences for 21st century skills, with a particular focus on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and the creative use of technologies. We collaborate with schools, universities and companies, and we offer direct learning experiences for youngsters. Discover one of them, the Maker Challenge!

From the founder

The spark for Creator Street came from a series of discussions with other likeminded parents: how can we prepare our children for a highly uncertain future? It is said that millennials will change jobs 15 times in their lives. Will they – and us ageing parents – be able to cope with such a fast paced world? Most importantly: how can we help them achieve a fulfilling and happy life?

We believe that creativity is a vital skill to address life’s most important challenges. Creativity helps people invent and reinvent themselves when needed, explore new paths to make a living, get personal satisfaction by putting to fruit one’s talents and, ultimately, to create a better world. Yet, we barely teach our children how to become creative!

Schools have to deliver busy programmes of linguistic, mathematical and scientific skills with only little place for the arts, entrepreneurial or social initiatives. Families run on hyper-busy schedules that rarely leave space for creative inspiration and activity in our leisure time. As a result, while we are amazed by the spontaneous creative expressions of small children, by the age of reason most of us give ourselves a poor vote for creativity.

Teachers and parents are the primary coaches to help young people prepare themselves for and make the future happen by activating their creative potential. Creator Street‘s mission is to support them. Our mission is to instil a lifelong creative attitude in every young person.

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