Creativity is an essential skill for everyone

Yes, successful artists are creative. So are successful teachers, engineers, lawyers and business leaders. We believe that creativity should play a central role in education: it empowers students to make a real impact in the world.


Empathy is the key first step

Empathy is an essential skill to support creativity. It puts ourselves in the others’ shoes, helps us understand their problems and find meaningful solutions. Many of our activities start by interviewing another person (a classmate, a neighbor, a senior person) to see the world from where they stand.


Where what you’re good at and what you love meet

We love what we do and we want our students to love what they do. Our activities are the beginning of a self-discovery journey. Students develop new skills, unlock their creative potential and discover what they’d like to do in the world.

Each failure provides a learning opportunity

Failure is part of the creative process. We believe that meaningful innovation can be delivered when we try things, fail and try again. Resilience to failure is key to success and creativity.


Feel safe to try new things and celebrate your results

We believe that creativity flourishes in an environment where the mind feels safe to take risks while feeling also compelled to act. Our fast-paced activities are surrounded by positive feedback to encourage students to try new things.

Creativity is a team effort

While creativity is generally seen as a solo activity, we think that team-work exponentially boost students creativity. We believe in multidisciplinary teams as the perfect opportunity to build and learn from others strengths while filling the joy of contributing to a shared project.


Meaningful learning and fun are deeply connected

Yes, having fun IS compatible with meaningful learning. It is actually when having fun that our brain is present and mindful and thus open to new learnings!



Learning by doing is our motto

Students will very quickly roll up their sleeves and create with their hands. Writing a story, composing a song or designing an app… They are the stars of their own learning process!