Inside school

Are you looking for new ways of introducing creativity and innovation in your school? Our workshops offer the opportunity to develop your students’ 21st century skills in a fun way. We have developed different formats in 5 areas,  and we empower you to introduce them in the curriculum with a progressive approach.

If you are interested in your students developing their creative skills through digital technology, or become young entrepreneurs and apply their creative thinking skills to have a social impact in the school environment, check out our different formats below to find out more. All our activities are tailored for your school’s needs. We work side by side with teachers to ensure the quality of our workshops.

Our workshop formats

Participants work in teams to solve problems in their environment, at school (e.g. improve the patio, stop bullying), in the neighbourhood (e.g. promote recycling, help the elderly,…) or the family (e.g. joint leisure time) using design thinking methodology

Redesign your lunch break! Interview your classmates, observe them carefully and identify their uncovered needs. Developing empathy is the key first step in our design thinking workshops. Once you have identified the problem, quickly move on to create a solution with your team and refine it before presenting it to the class-or the school principal.

Students develop characters, a setting and plot in a creative team activity, and then use apps to produce their story, in form of a photo comic or stop motion video

In less than 2 hours, students create their own original and collaborative story. Comic strips, animations or stop motion videos… choose your format and Creator Street will guide your students in this fast-paced and rewarding format. At the end of the workshop, students present their amazing work to the rest of the class. The result is simply amazing!

Students learn how to become designers, imagining new objects that answer certain needs – for instance, a personal object to personalise their backpack, or a new kitchen tool, a new toy – designing and building it using different prototyping technologies.

They start with a challenge and come up with solutions that can be developed using 3D modelling and printing, laser cut, robotics or programming along with traditional methods like handicrafts.

Using design thinking, the students can identify a problem and a come up with a solution in the form of an app or a digital service: Identify a problem, come up with a creative solution and learn the techniques to transform it into an app: mock-up, semi-functional prototype, development.

We also support them to test it with real users using simple digital prototyping tools, launch a “landing page” to gather more opinions and why not, fully develop it!

In a safe and respectful creation space, kids explore new ways of expression and communication through games and theater. They get in contact with their own emotions while developing relationship skills.

Our approach

First 4 hours workshop with teachers.

4 to 20 hours project in the classroom with Creator Street as co-pilot.

Applied training for teachers from 4 to 12 hours.

Complete teaching aid to use in the classroom.