Creative Problem-Solving - 3rd grade

Florence, a 3rd grade teacher at an international school in Barcelona, wanted her 26 students to reflect on the social challenges they face during their lunch break. Following the design thinking steps, pupils interviewed each other in pairs to gain empathy and walk the lunch break in their classmates’ shoes. They uncovered a series of deep needs and prototyped their solutions after a fun and messy brainstorming.

Their role-played presentations to the class amazed Florence: the Olympic Games of the courtyard to strengthen relationships among all students, an Arts corner so that children may create sculptures and play with them or hanging a used sail over the courtyard to give shadow in the hottest days… A better courtyard for everyone!

Comic creation - 4th, 5th and 6th grades

Luc, a 4th grade teacher, wanted his students to work on their storytelling, visual creativity and team-work abilities. He was one of the 11 teachers of the 300 4th, 5th and 6th graders who created their own stories in Creator Street’s Comic workshops.

158 pages, 453 bubbles, more than 2000 words and special effects shaped the incredible stories of fairies, samurais and chefs-to-be monkeys who starred their comics.

Full of unexpected plot twists and photography effects, the comics were a great success among students, teachers and principals who assisted to the final presentations.

Animated stories - 5th and 6th grades

Violet, a 5th grade teacher, wanted her students to develop their storytelling skills and to discover how to do a short animation. Her students created and starred their on GIF-animated comics. Based on 5-sec videos, students put together amazing power struggles, mysteries and romantic stories in their animated comics.

Cristina wanted her 6th graders to better learn how to create a stop-motion video. Using their favorite legos and toys, students created unique and original stories involving magical nights, epic wars and royal affairs.

Re-design your treasure box! - 7 to 10 years old

In this introductory workshop to design thinking, children designed a treasure box for their partner: a place where their favorite objects and toys would be safe and organized. After interviewing their partners to better understand their needs, each child imagined, prototyped and shared a personalized treasure box for his or her partner.

Every one went home with a new space to keep their toys!